unicorn factory

Unicorn Factory (“UF”) helps investors find good projects and helps startups raise funds and find good partners
across the border between Korea & Greater China.

What We Do


UF will offer office locations in Seoul & access to promising investment opportunities for INVESTORS


UF will offer one-stop access to global investors, access to high-profile network, and professional consulting service to ENTREPRENEURS

Advisory Board

UF Advisory Board will be committed to shaping the legal framework of block-chain industry in Korea and facilitating Sino-Korea cooperation in other areas.

Operating Structure

Operating structure

UF Investors Club

  • Venture capitals, equity funds, crypto-funds, private investors, and other forms of investors;

  • UF Investors Club will be set up in major cities throughout world – Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Singapore, and Seoul

UF Founders Club

  • Promising startups as well as other innovative companies in Korea and China who are looking to raise funds or find business partners

UF Advisory Board

  • Corporate leaders, industry experts, law firms, college professors, research institutes, etc.

    • - Will be committed to shaping the legal framework of block-chain industry in Korea with the government officials & legislators

    • - Provide advisory service to the UF Investors & Founders Club to facilitate cooperation

  • UF Advisory Board will be further supported by Advisors from Korea-China Young Leaders Association


Hoonhee Park


  • - Founder, Unicorn Factory
  • - Founder, Korea-China Young Leaders Association
  • - JP Morgan Investment Banking
  • - Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division
  • - B.A. from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University



2F, 130 Dogok-ro, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, Republic of Korea