​Unicorn Factory

We advise and facilitate cross-border collaborative projects involving

Korean & global organizations

Our Goal
A Critical Stepping Stone that Cultivates Next Unicorns.

Unicorn Factory believes in economic potential of small-medium-size companies and startups. We create new opportunities through global partnerships for promising startups and competitive small-medium-sized companies in Korea.

Unicorn Factory aims to open new possibilities beyond borders for startups and keep our society more vibrant and dynamic by empowering leaders of our next generation. It has its core philosophy rooted in the Korea-China Young Leaders Association. (URL link move to partner list)

Social Impact Driven by Future Leaders.
What We Do

Korea and China are close neighbors, but maybe not perfectly understanding friends. We help Korean and Chinese institutions—our clients—build cross-border partnerships, navigate through the intricacies of Sino-Korean collaboration, and achieve greater success beyond the border.


Embracing and succeeding the vision of Korea-China Young Leaders Association, Unicorn Factory aspires to establish a new paradigm for Sino-Korean relationship by facilitating sustainable bilateral collaboration. 

Unicorn Factory (UF) operates both for-profit and non-profit business segments that are designed to function in a mutually complementary relationship.

For-profit side, UF designs and executes cross-border projects aimed for public good with the collaborative network of future leaders at the Korea-China Young Leaders Association. UF also offers business consultancy to both Korean startups and global organizations looking for cross-border collaboration in the areas covering management consulting, fundraising, partnership building, and product marketing.

The global business professionals at the Global Blockchain Council Korea (GBCK) act as advisors and partners that facilitate such collaboration.

Non-profit side, UF manages the Global Blockchain Council Korea—a public-private joint council consisting of a group of lawmakers (members of the National Assembly of Korea) and global business professionals—to work with Korean government in legislation and policy-making of the blockchain industry in Korea. The Council attracts globally respected business professionals from a variety of fields. The profit made from the consulting business is partly used to fund the operational costs of GBCK.

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